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Add Beauty and Function to Your Property with a Patio

Kent and his team at Create-A-Scape Landscaping & Design have been turning backyards in Calgary and Airdrie into tranquil, natural destinations for over 16 years. In addition to our natural, brick and paving stones services, we provide a wide variety of other landscaping services and can create an entirely new look for your yard.

Over the years we have become one of Calgary's favourite patio and walkway installers. That's because we offer:

  • Professional installation of patios and walkways to suit your needs and design style
  • A wide range of colours and patterns in patio stones or choose natural stone for the custom patios and walkways that fit your home’s yard and landscape design
  • Excellent quality products, including natural rock from Thunderstone Quarries and paving stones and wall bricks come Techo-Bloc, Barkman Concrete and Belgard

View our portfolio for past work and installations done in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Brick & Paving Stones

Landscaping brick comes in various colors and sizes for every need. Brick offers a traditional way of adding classic beauty to any landscape project. Brick can unite any landscaping service. Not only is it attractive, but brick is also durable and complements nearly every home. It’s also easy to clean and maintain! Paving stones are recommended over concrete for the harsh Canadian winters and will survive frost without cracking and damaging the brickwork. Contact the CAS team now to learn more about your hardscaping options!

Natural Stone Selection

Natural stone remains the most desired choice of materials for landscapers and architects worldwide. It has established its place in design history. There is no other material that can match it for beauty, strength or the ability to withstand the ultimate test of time. Stones are an effective way of adding life to any garden. Stones give structure and add character with their graceful lines, soft hues and quiet presence.