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Tree and Shrub Services in Calgary

Another service that we offer at Create-A-Scape Landscaping & Design is our tree and shrub services.

From helping you select the suitable varieties all the way through installations, we can help you do your project right. We plant and care for trees and shrubs throughout Calgary and Airdie, so give us a call when your trees need a little TLC or your backyard needs a little shade. You can also read what other homeowners have to say about our landscaping services on our testimonials page.

Add Comfort and Tranquility to Your Backyard

Create-A-Scape Landscaping & Design makes it easy to enjoy the shade, beauty and oxygen-creating benefits of large plants. From choosing the right species to planting in the right location, we can help make your property more comfortable and relaxing. And when you choose our team of professionals, we will work hard to make sure you have right plan and do all planting of shrubs and trees work for you.

Complete Tree and Shrub Services

We provide the expertise you need to add beauty and shade to your property. From planning to maintenance, we can care for your trees and shrubs throughout their lives. We also offer pruning and maintenance services for clients who hire us for installations. That means you can count on us to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best in the short and long term.

We can plant shrubs as part of a larger landscape project so ask us more. Please get in touch to ask about how we can help you!